Asset Based Lending Services

Asset-based lending companies in Canada often advance funds when traditional sources are not available. They are familiar with various types of businesses and are responsive to client needs. GCE (Global Centurion Investments) will fund businesses with annual sales less than $500,000 to the multi-millions. The loan credit depends on the type of business and the content and quality of the collateral. The increased cash availability provided by asset-based lender often makes the difference between profitable growth and failure for the undercapitalized business.

As mentioned previously, Global Centurion Investments offers a number of financing products so your can receive flexible and fast funds to keep up with your business growth, bills, or opportunities.

Receive Competitive Low Rates

The cost of asset-based lending services is influenced by the credit risk and collateral associated with the transaction. When evaluating an asset-based loan, borrowers should assess the cost of financing in the context of the benefits to be received. Compared with other business funding alternatives, this is very cost effective and efficient.
Asset-based lending companies frequently look beyond financial statements to determine how much money they are prepared to advance at and after closing. Therefore, borrowers can take advantage of profit opportunities in the market by being able to plan ahead based upon their cash availability.

We are proactive rather than reactive and can often restructure debt during tough times to help avoid costly and disruptive refinancing. Over the long haul, the benefits will tend to offset the premiums associated with borrowing from the asset-based financial services industry.

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