If you are running an oil and gas business, you understand having the latest equipment on hand allows you a significant advantage as the industry becomes more competitive throughout Alberta.

As the scope of services involved with the gas and oil industry continues to expand, and new technological breakthroughs are introduced it is crucial you have plenty of working capital on hand. If you own and operate a small or mid-size business in this highly competitive industry and require the right equipment, you can do so without having to take out a bank loan or line of credit.

Oilfield Services Equipment & Machinery

• Acidizing Equipment
• Air Packages
• Blowout Preventers
• Cementing Equipment
• Centrifuges
• Coiled Tubing Equipment
• Compressors
• Cranes
• Crown Blocks
• Degassers
• Derricks

• Downhole Equipment
• Dozers
• Drawworks
• Drilling Rigs
• Excavators
• Exploration Equipment
• Fracking Equipment
• Frac Tanks
• Generators
• Geophysical Equipment
• Handling Tools

• Helicopters
• Hydraulic Fracturing
• Mud Pumps
• Nitrogen Equipment
• Oil Country Tubulars
• Offshore Equipment
• Pipeline Equipment
• Power Swivels & Masts
• Production Equipment
• Pumping Units
• Rig Walking Systems

• Rotary Equipment
• Seismic Equipment
• Shale Shakers
• Substructures
• Top Drives
• Trucks & Trailers
• Water Tanks
• Wellhead Equipment
• Well Control Equipment
• Well Services Equipment
• Wireline Equipment

Oilfield equipment financing, leasing, loans and sale leaseback solutions for upstream, midstream or downstream oilfield services business owners and operators turned away from traditional bank lending options…

If you are seeking a creative non-bank alternative to finance your new or used oilfield related equipment and machinery, we will work with you to help structure a competitive financial solution.