Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing is available to new and existing clients who make use of our invoice factoring services. If our client / their company requires extra business funds to fill a large purchase order. GCE will advance up to 100% of the bill value directly to our client’s supplier in order to purchase the required goods.

To qualify for this Purchase Order Financing, the client must have a good history of sourcing or manufacturing the product. They must be dealing with reputable suppliers and the purchaser must be financially strong.
Purchase Order Financing is not available for new product lines. The client must have experience with the product and a sales history with the customer. There must be a legally binding purchase order in place with acceptable payment terms. Other securities may also be required when using the purchase order funding solution.

Benefits of Our Services

As a leading loans and factoring company in Canada, we offer a number of benefits that can help your business grow, including:

  • Providing funding to pay suppliers for confirmed orders
  • Allow you to take on additional, and/or larger, orders
  • Has no transaction maximums
  • Is easy to use and set up

Qualification Criteria

We offer a number of medium and small business funding products. Everything from private business loans to invoice factoring services. However, in order to qualify for PO finance with Global Centurion Investments, you need to:

  • Have creditworthy customers placing irrevocable purchase orders
  • Resell products to your customers with no (or minor) modifications
  • Have invoices (accounts receivable) free of any liens
  • Have profit margins of at least 25%

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